AdTech Privacy: What You Need to Know

to Continue to Measure Success on Apple Devices



ATT, IDFV and IDFA: Changes, Implications & Impacts to Mobile Advertising and Recommendations for Moving Forward




App Tracking Transparency (ATT) is a consent-based framework that requires a request for permission from app users to use data, just as app must request permission from the camera or location services on a mobile device. 

Before ATT, the assumption is that data can be used unless a user explicitly opts out of targeted advertising. Now a user must explicitly opt-in. 

What's Inside 

This eGuide outlines what the changes introduced with ATT actually mean, what the implications are to measurement in mobile advertising, and recommendations for what Brands and Agencies need to do to move forward in light of these
changes and similar ones likely to come from other vendors.

Topics Covered 

1. Tracking IDs for Apple Devices
2. What is changing with ATT?
3. More than just the Apple IDs
4. What are the implications?
5. Are you affected?
6. What you can still do?
7. Why is SKAdNetwork different?
8. Embracing the Future of Marketing Attribution
9. Key Takeaways


39% of mobile marketers world-wide expect Apple's planned changes to iOS14 will reduce identifiers for advertisers.