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20 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a GA4 Property

A Dual-Deploy Checklist

Avoid Inconsistencies

Use this checklist when you go over your measurement planning session to avoid inconsistencies between the platforms' and                               KPI tracking.

Stay Focused

This checklist will help you to stay focused and provide a balanced measurement strategy between 2 platform, 2 types of GA properties,                           & a shared data layer. 

Added Complexities

As a bonus, this guide also contains a list of added complexities to keep in mind, including descriptions and recommendations.

28 million Businesses are Currently Running Google Analytics


Google’s recommendation is that companies create a new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property alongside their existing analytics property (a process often referred to as dual deploying or dual tagging) in order to start gathering data, as well as benefit from the latest innovations GA4 has to offer, sooner rather than later.

For many of the 28 million businesses currently running GA4, this recommendation is causing them to ask questions such as “What is dual-deploy?”, “How difficult will it be?" Where do I start?” and “What do I look for?


This Guide answers these questions and gives you invaluable information uncovered by Napkyn experts while drafting a measurement plan for our first dual-deployments of GA360 and GA4.


Our GA4 Services

Napkyn Analytics offers a wide range of Google Analytics 4 services to assist brands and agencies both brands understand and address GA4 challenges including:

  • Deciding when the right time is to dual deploy
  • Determining what changes need to be made to your current measurement setup
  • Creating a clear set of instructions for translating your current measurement framework
  • Building the new framework
  • Deploying the new GA4 property

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Our Vision

Napkyn’s vision is a world where marketers are ethically collecting, integrating, managing and putting into action high-quality data to produce outsized benefits for customers, employees, and their community.
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