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Napkyn Analytics is a digital analytics and data engineering company with more than a decade of experience working with data-driven enterprise marketing and technology leaders of Fortune 1000 an hyper-growth
organizations. They select and retain Napkyn for expertise in Data Enablement, Data Quality and Data Analysis developed and delivered across a wide range of industries - Financial Services, Utilities/Energy, Healthcare, Retail/eCommerce, Automotive. Napkyn is a Google Premier Solution Partner for Google Marketing Platform and a Certified Google Cloud Service Partner. Napkyn’s vision is a world where marketers are ethically collecting, integrating, managing and putting into action high-quality data to produce outsized benefits for customers, employees, and their community.

AdTech: A Simplification of the Latest Cookie Updates & the Impact to Digital Advertising


This whitepaper describes existing and upcoming web privacy changes and regulations surrounding the use of cookies. 

By limiting, blocking cookies, or even, at a minimum, making site visitors think about and consent to allowing cookies, initiatives like Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Privacy Act (CCPA), are driving a new era with regards to how to capture information about visitors online activity, while still respecting their privacy.

The data captured and stored in cookies has enabled marketing tactics like direct response, audience segmentation, and attribution to thrive. With the ‘extinction’ of cookies, both first and third-party, alternative marketing approaches, like contextual-marketing, first-party data, people-based  marketing and machine learning are becoming increasingly appealing and gaining (regaining) momentum. It is a very good time for businesses to leverage the first-party data they have.

What's Inside

  •  Current State
  •  Impact on the Industry
  •  Alternatives for Marketers